Missions completed

Fight against COVID-19

One Cluj centralized the Cluj community efforts and the resources available for fighting the pandemic and, in collaboration with medical units, public authorities and civic initiatives, contributed to the efficient coverage of the needs in the field.
All funds and resources raised on the platform were used to support medical units, local institutions and civic initiatives in their efforts to fight the pandemic.


Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca is partnering with One Cluj and contributes by providing 300 nights accommodation at hotels in Cluj for the frontline medical staff.
Accenture Romania is partnering with One Cluj through a 22,000 lei donation. Thank you!
Betfair Romania Development is partnering with One Cluj through a donation of 1,500 euros, which will contribute to the accommodation of medical staff in Cluj hotels.
One Cluj facilitated the acquisition and transport of 10 fans purchased from the Infectious Diseases Hospital’s budget.
Connatix donated 5,300 lei.

Who we are

One Cluj mobilizes money and resources to join the actions of hospitals, authorities and civic initiatives, in a joint effort to synchronize actions and centralize information.
The platform brings together dozens of events, civic organizations, companies, universities and public administration institutions in Cluj County.
The first objective of the platform is to synchronize the efforts to fight against COVID-19 in Cluj County, and the collaboration will continue later to serve other collective community causes.