Humanitarian mission in Chernivtsi

We reactivated the One Cluj mission to come to the aid of people.
IaBilet supports the One Cluj initiative in the mission for Ukraine.
We have reached 20,000 lei donations through the solidarity ticket.

Fight against COVID-19

Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca is partnering with One Cluj and contributes by providing 300 nights accommodation at hotels in Cluj for the frontline medical staff.
Accenture Romania is partnering with One Cluj through a 22,000 lei donation. Thank you!
Betfair Romania Development is partnering with One Cluj through a donation of 1,500 euros, which will contribute to the accommodation of medical staff in Cluj hotels.
One Cluj facilitated the acquisition and transport of 10 fans purchased from the Infectious Diseases Hospital’s budget.
Connatix donated 5,300 lei.
We managed to buy 3 of the 10 One Cluj fans: one from the Scala Development & Romanian Business Leaders donation, and the other two from your donations!
Kaufland Romania is partnering with One Cluj and contributes 16,000 euros to the accommodation of medical staff in Cluj-Napoca hotels.
Moldovan – Carmangeria Sânnicoara donated 10,000 lei.
We delivered 70 sanitising mats offered by Perpetuum to Cluj hospitals.
Fardas Transcom transported 75 cubic meters of equipment from the airport to the One Cluj warehouse.
With the support of your donations and the Family Doctors Patronage Cluj, we have equipped all 343 family doctors in the county with simple surgical masks, FFP2 masks, boots, disinfectants, antibacterial mats, information posters.
CSI Romania donated 2,500 lei.
The TAROM flight carrying 1,388,300 protective equipment for Cluj hospitals arrived from Shanghai today!
Scala Development and Romanian Business Leaders donate 101,000 lei for the first fan purchased by One Cluj for the county hospitals!
Gebo Tools is partnering with One Cluj through a donation of 10,000 lei and offers free delivery in Cluj-Napoca for tools and service equipment.
20,000 FFP2 masks arrived in Cluj this weekend. They will be distributed starting tomorrow.
Travelling Chef donates food for the frontline medical staff.
CASA TIFF donates food for the frontline medical staff.
We delivered surgical masks for the Diakonia Christian Foundation – Cluj-Napoca, which offers home health care services in Cluj-Napoca, Bonțida, Cojocna, Geaca, Dej, Izvorul Crișului, Huedin, Săvădisla, Luna (Floresti) and Cornești.
RebelDot donated 7,500 lei.
7,800 surgical masks were delivered and 2,310 information posters with instructions from the World Health Organization were pasted in medical centers.
We helped build a triage center at the Dej Fire Brigade.
We helped build a triage center within the SMURD Colina Center.
Vitamin Aqua donated products for the frontline medical staff.
We delivered coffee and Nespresso coffee machines to the frontline medical staff today.
We helped build a triage center at the Cluj-Napoca Municipal Clinical Hospital.
Wash Laundry disinfects the cars that make deliveries for One Cluj.
OSUBB donated 2,000 lei.
Today we ordered 30,000 surgical masks with a total value of 140,400 lei. The masks will be distributed in Cluj hospitals according to their needs. We will give you more details as soon as the materials arrive.
Cut&Crust donated 2,000 lei.
As part of the Food for Doctors project, initiated by One Cluj in collaboration with JCI Cluj and Food Bank Cluj, Marty Restaurants delivered pizza for lunch to the medical staff dealing with COVID-19 cases at ”Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă” Oncological Institute.
Today we contributed to the establishment of two triage areas within the County Emergency Hospital Cluj-Napoca, the Neurology and Radiology departments.
NTT DATA Romania donated 144,738 lei.
Farmec donated 15,000 lei.
Mind Education donated 1,000 lei and offers psychological services for medical staff.
Studio Casa donated coffee machines for the medical staff.
We delivered 1000 visors, of which 700 at the Cluj County Hospital and 300 at the Oncology Institute.
Izoref donated 50,000 lei.
Masterfol donated 2,000 lei.
Nespresso donated coffee and coffee machines for the medical staff.
For the next few weeks, the hospitals in Cluj have enough visors.
Beyfin Romania donates 15,000 euros to the Pneumoftiziology Hospital.
Together with Food Bank – Cluj we managed to distribute the first Hochland – ”Joy of Taste” products to the social canteens, which assist the elderly, social cases, as well as their usual beneficiaries.
Tenrom donated 2,000 lei.
The first important One Cluj transport delivers 20,000 FFP2 masks to Cluj hospitals next week. We will give you all the details as soon as the materials arrive.
Lecom Birotică donated 7,500 lei and office products.
One Cluj helped build a triage center at “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă” Oncology Hospital Cluj-Napoca.
Club Delirio donated 2,000 lei.
Softech donated 4,000 lei.
Marty Restaurants offers 100 pizzas for the medical staff weekly.
BG Soft contributed to the accommodation of doctors in Cluj hotels by making a 45,000 lei donation.
Komiti donated 1,000 lei.
Hochland donated products that will reach the people who need them.
Teachers and students from Club Impact – Community Agents – Tritenii de Jos donated 1,000 lei.
Happy Wines donated 1,000 lei.
AMM Design donated 1,000 lei.
The Sports Festival team purchased solidarity tickets worth 10,000 lei.
Today Software Magazine donated 1,000 lei.
Dablerom donated 5,000 lei.
East Grain donated 10,000 lei.
Iulius Mall donated 100,000 lei.
Solidarity tickets worth 100,000 lei were purchased.
60 organizations join the One Cluj project.
50,000 lei were collected through the solidarity tickets. Thank you!